Change-out Programs

Active Wood Stove Change-out Programs

Map of active wood stove change-out programs (yellow stars) and incentives (red circles) as of November 2016.
There were 35 stove change-out programs in the US in 2016. As of November 15, 2016, 30 of these are still active. The box on the right hand side of this page has a summary of each program, with key details and numerous links. This page will be updated regularly, providing the best and most comprehensive list of change-out programs available.

Some of these programs are held seasonally or annually, while others are ongoing. This list includes state, regional, and city-level programs that are typically managed by government organizations, as well as change-out promotions held by stove manufacturers. Only programs that require participants to surrender an old wood stove or fireplace are included on our list.

In addition to summarizing the program requirements, we conducted additional research on local wood stove ordinances and reached out to change-out program administrators for their edits and suggestions. We also highlight a notable feature for each of the programs.

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