Change-Out Programs

Updated August 26th, 2016

Woodstove Rebate Program

Truckee, California


Status: Active as of August 2016

Location: Town-wide

Eligible fuels (exclusions apply): Wood (uncertified) -> wood (certified), natural gas

Notable feature(s): Rebate amounts doubled since the past iteration of the program; rebates funded entirely through Town’s Air Quality Mitigation Fund so no General Funds are required
Incentive Amounts
The Town of Truckee offers $600-$1,000 rebates for the removal and replacement of a non-compliant (manufactured before 1988) wood burning device with a certified wood burning device or gas appliance. A $600 rebate is available for replacing a non-compliant wood burning device with a certified wood device. A $1,000 rebate is available for replacing a non-compliant device with a qualifying natural gas device. There is a maximum of $1,600 available per residential unit.

Program Duration
The program is ongoing until funds are depleted.       

To qualify for the rebate program, residents must first apply for a building permit to remove a non-compliant wood burning device. The building inspector must verify that the device has been removed from the property. Residents must then dispose of the old device at an authorized location (local retailer or Landfill) and complete the disposal verification form. Residents must submit the disposal verification form and the completed rebate request application to the Community Development Department in person or by email. Staff will inform residents if their application qualifies and provide an estimated rebate processing date. Residents are allowed to self-install the new device as long as it complies with the building permit guidelines.     

Residents must comply with all Town Building Code requirements for the installation of the new device.

More Information
For more information, please visit the program website or contact the Planning Division at (530) 582-7820, ext. 2.