Change-Out Programs

Updated August 26th, 2016

Zero Interest Air Quality Loan

City of Fort Collins, Colorado


Status: Active as of August 2016

Location: Citywide

Eligible fuels: Wood (uncertified) -> wood (certified), pellet, gas

Notable feature(s): This may be the only utility-funded program that directly provides incentives for stoves. In this case, itís a zero interest loan.
Incentive Amounts
City of Fort Collins residential utility customers are eligible to apply for a zero-interest loan to upgrade their uncertified wood stove or fireplace to an EPA certified wood, pellet, or gas appliance. The loan can cover a maximum of 90% of the project cost (between $1,000 and $3,000).

Program Duration
The program is ongoing.†††† †

To qualify for a loan, interested residents must complete an application and pay a $25 credit-check fee.

Applicants are required to submit proof that their old device has been recycled. A building permit is required for installing the new device. Loans do not cover do-it-yourself projects. The City Code prohibits the installation of uncertified wood burning appliances.

More Information
For more information, please visit the program website or contact the Environmental Services Department at 970-221-6600. †