Change-Out Programs

Updated August 26th, 2016

Woodstove Change Out Program

Butte-Silver Bow, Montana


Status: Beginning of Phase 2

Location: Greenly neighborhood (Texas to George and Continental to Grand).

Eligible fuels: Wood (uncertified) -> wood (certified)

Notable feature(s): The program is completely free of charge. The funding for the program is through a private public partnership with a local industry and a Superfund Advisory Board.
Incentive Amounts
The City and County of Butte-Silver Bow Montana offers a two-year, locally-funded wood stove change-out program that covers the entire cost (including installation) of replacing uncertified wood stoves with EPA certified wood stoves. Each new wood stove installation costs a total of $4,000 or less.

Program Duration
This is a two year program.

Interested applicants should contact program coordinator Stephan Burns to see if they qualify.

In order to be eligible for the Wood stove change out program you must have a non- EPA approved wood stove and you must be willing to have your old stove taken and recycled by a licensed recycler.

More Information
For more information, please visit the program website or contact program coordinator Stephan Burns at (406) 497-5028 or