Change-Out Programs

Updated November 7th, 2016

Thurston County Woodstove Changeout Program

Thurston County, Washington


Status: Active as of November 2016

Location: Urban growth areas and cities of Lacey, Olympia, and Turnwater

Eligible fuels: Wood -> natural gas, propane, electricity

Notable feature(s): Includes bounty program; does not allow wood-to-wood changeouts
Incentive Amounts
Residents of Lacey, Olympia, Turnwater, and their urban growth areas are eligible to receive $1,200 to replace a pre-1995 or uncertified wood stove or freestanding metal fireplace with any natural gas, propane, or electric heating system or $1,800 to replace one of these wood appliances with a high efficiency heat pump. Alternatively, residents can receive $350 for removing and destroying an old, uncertified wood appliance.

Program Duration
The program is ongoing until funds are depleted.

Interested applicants should contact the Olympic Region Clean Air Agency (ORCAA) or visit a local Thurston County home heating retailer.

Participants must remove and destroy their old, uncertified wood appliance.

More Information
For more information, please visit the program website or contact ORCAA at (360) 539-7610 or