Educational Videos

Updated: November 14, 2016
Educational Stove Change-Out Videos

We recommend the following educational videos and there may be other very good, short ones that we missed. Change-out programs may be able to post some of these on their pages, with permission of the producers.

Change-out advertisement videos

1. Marin County, CA: Marin Wood Stove Rebate Program. 3:20 minutes

2. Business Environment Program, University of Nevada, Reno: Does Your Wood Stove Have a Dirty Little Secret? 30 seconds

3. Washington County, OR: Community Matters - Wood Stove Exchange Program. 5:22 minutes

General wood heating instructional videos

4.  Washington Department of Ecology: A Quick Guide to How to Select a New Stove for Home Heat. 5:03 minutes

5. Puget Sound Clean Air: How to Burn Correctly in Your Wood Stove. 4:26 minutes

6. Environment Canada: Advanced wood heat technology: old vs. new stoves. 3:30 minutes
7. HPBA:  Introduction to Wood Stoves. 3:23 minutes
8. HPBA: Five Rules to Follow for an Efficient Fire. 3:26 minutes
9. HPBA: Safety and Maintenance Information for Wood Stoves and Fireplace Inserts. 5:17 minutes
10. HPBA: Troubleshooting Information for Wood Stoves and Fireplace Inserts. 4:13 minutes
Catalytic and non-cat stove operation
11. HPBA: How to Burn Wise with a Non-Catalytic Stove. 2:57 minutes

12. HPBA: How to Burn Wise with a Catalytic Stove. 2:50 minutes

Firewood purchasing
13. Marin County, CA: Firewood: Don't Get Burned.  Protect yourself and the environment.  2:14 minutes.

14. HPBA: How to Buy, Split, and Store Wood. 2:45 minutes