How to Buy a Wood Stove

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A review of the various sites that review wood and pellet stoves.

The Best Clean Stoves

Basic recommendations in what to look for in a wood stove.

What to Avoid

Avoid new, uncertified cheap stoves, conventional outdoor wood boilers, etc.

Buying a Stove

Common Questions and Answers, with lots of photos and stove prices, that will help you buy the right wood or pellet stove or boiler.

How to operate a wood stove

Wood stove 101: The doís and doníts of how to operate a wood stove

Reliable Pellet Stoves

Objective ratings of stoves are nearly impossible to come by. This recommendation of 4 reliable pellet comes from a technician who has made more than 5,000 house calls and kept records on about 10,000 service calls.

Green Heat Newsletters

Come out once a month and are packed full of news and opinions about wood and pellet hearting. Back issues are compiled here.

Permits and Insurance

Before you install your own stove, check with both local and state offices to see what permits, if any you need. Your insurance coverage could be affected, as well as the efficiency and cleanliness of your stove.

Free Firewood

In some parts of the country, there is more free firewood available than you may think. And, lots of cut-your-own programs exist on national and state forests.

Maryland Rebate Q & A

Maryland offers a $500 rebate for wood stoves and a $700 rebate for pellet stoves for homes that heat with electricity, oil and propane. See details for other requirements and how to apply.

Misleading & illegal stove & boiler ads
Since 2010, AGH has helped consumers navigate misleading and illegal advertisements. If we see such an ad, we contact the company and often they remove the ad. If they don't, we sometimes post these warnings in our monthly newsletter.

How to Buy a Wood Stove