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Updated: October 2015

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In our monthly newsletter, the Green Heat News, we periodically feature a stove or stove technology that has won an award or that in our opinion demonstrates an advance in modern wood heating. The Alliance highlights products as examples of what is available in the marketplace and does not endorse any particular brands or models. Moreover, the Alliance independently chooses products and does not receive or solicit funds from any companies affiliated with them. Rankings are accurate as of date of publication.

October 2015

Quadra-Fire Mt Vernon AE tops pellet stove tests

The Quadra-Fire Mt. Vernon AE received the highest marks in independent testing conducted by the Alliance for Green Heat. The Alliance tested six popular stoves and the Mt. Vernon AE got top marks for cleanliness of emissions, maintenance, and glass visibility. It was average on heat output and the only area where it was lower than average compared to the other stoves was efficiency. See here for more on the testing of the Mt. Vernon and the other five pellet stoves.

November 2014

The Mulciber wins cordwood design challenge

A stove designed and built by graduate engineering students received the highest score in an international Stove Design Workshop focused on automated wood stove technology. The goal of the event was to assess innovative technologies that can help stoves reduce real-world emissions that result from poor operation by the consumer and use of unseasoned wood, both of which are widespread problems. The stove is not yet on the market but their company says it will have an updated version ready for shipping in 2016.

March 2014

Gravity Fed Pellet Stove Wins Vesta Award

After years of development, a company finally produced an EPA certified pellet stove that needs no electricity. The stove, developed by the Oregon companw Wiseway uses natural draft for the air and gravity to feed the pellets into the combustion chamber. One of the main drawbacks of pellet stoves has been that they don’t work in a blackout and they have lots of moving parts which can break. The stove has a very respectable emission rate of 1.9 grams per hour. Equally important, it is EPA certified, which many pellet stove companies opt to not get. For more info: More information.

November 2013

Woodstock Soapstone Ideal Steel Wins Decathlon

Woodstock Soapstone’s Ideal Steel Hybrid stove won the $25,000 grand prize at the Wood Stove Decathlon in November 2013. It is low-priced, has a record 82% EPA tested efficiency and average emissions of 1.04 gm/hr, using a combination of catalytic and non-cat technology. It will burn 12-14 hours, and will heat large area comfortably. To make it affordable, the designers changed from cast iron to steel and made soapstone features optional. For more info: More information.

June, 2013

Stack Stove Wins Design Plus Award in Germany

The Stack Stove company makes stoves in as many different colors and combinations as a trendy washing machine. The stoves may not be much cleaner or more efficient - but certainly bring style and a cool factor to the stove options in Europe. More information.

October 2012

Blaze King's King 1107

Blaze King's King 1107 catalytic stove recently became the most efficient wood stove on the EPA list with an astonishing 82% reported efficiency, nudging out the Woodstock Soapstone Progress Hybrid by 1%. As more non-cat stoves appear on the EPA list, we will also feature the most efficient non-cat. More information.

September 2012

Woodstock Soapstone Progress Hybrid

The Woodstock Soapstone Progress Hybrid is the highest efficiency wood stove listed by the EPA at 81%. The Progress is a true hybrid because it combines a catalytic combustor with a secondary combustion system. Combining these two different systems in one wood stove captures a clean and efficient burn throughout the entire burn range.

A similar hybrid stove, the Cape Cod made by Travis Industries, is listed by the EPA at 80.3%. We featured this stove in our March 2011 newsletter. If you want a very high efficiency stove that saves lots of fuel and have long burn times, these stoves are excellent choices. As cleaner and/or more efficient appear on the EPA stove list, we will feature them here and on our website. More information.

August 2012

Rika's "Como" Pellet Stove

Stiftung Warentest, the leading German consumer magazine, tested fireplaces, pellet stoves, and hydronic fireplaces. The RIKA stove "Como" was rated best with the top grade "Good" (2,2). The new "Rika Warm App" enables smartphone owners to control the heat output, the room temperature and the automatic operations of their pellet stove via mobile phone. More information.

April 2012

Tulikivi Harmaja Fireplace

Tulikivi's newest Harmaja soapstone fireplace combines convection with radiant heat. Its innovative design provides the quick release heat of a wood stove, with the warmth and long-lasting radiant heat storage only a masonry heater can provide. Its unique features helped it to win a 2012 Vesta Award. More information.

January 2012

Rika Induo Combination Stove for Firewood and Pellets
The Induo stove, produced by Austrian stove manufactured Rika, is a combined wood and pellet stove that automatically detects whether logs or pellets are being placed in the stove and regulates air intake. It also features an electronic touch-screen display. More information.

August 2011

BioLite Camp Stove
The Biolite stove is not only being utilized by backpackers who look to cut down on the fuel they carry, but the companion homestove is revolutionizing cooking in developing countries. The Biolite stove can charge cell phones and LSD lights as well as producing heat which increases its usefulness across the board. Twenty minutes of charging provides 60 minutes of talk time. More information.

May 2011

Solar Pellet Focus
The new pellet boiler OCTOplus by Solafocus recently received the "Energie Genie 2011" innovation award. The boiler combines solar and biomass technology into a fully automated system, with both a pellet burner and a 500 liter (130 Gallon) solar accumulator tank. System advantages include high efficiency (94%, LHV), compactness, simple hydraulic integration, an innovative control system, intuitive operation, and a large removable ash pan. More information.

March 2011

Travis Industries: Lopi-Cape Cod Wood Stove
A Travis Industries wood stove, the Lopi Cape Cod, swept three awards at the 2011 Vesta Award Ceremony - Best-in-Show, Wood Products and The Green Award. Vesta provides few details on the innovations of the products that win, but it appears that the Cape Cod was tested at .47 grams an hour, has a large firebox, uses a combination of cat and no-cat technologies and has an electronic ignition (that can be controlled from a cell phone) that may significantly reduce particulates in the initial start-up. It will be on the market later this year. More information.

January 2011

Twinfire stove
The Twinfire has won acclaim and attention due to it's great strides in wood burning efficiency. The double chamber design reduces particulates by drawing the flame from the fire down into a gas fire chamber that enables nearly complete combustion of the smoke and particulates. The Twinfire stove is able to achieve a reported 93% efficiency(LHV). The Twinfire's development is supported by NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research and Development Association). More information.

July 2010

Clear Skies Unlimited Fireplace Catalyst
On May 26th 2010, the US Environmental Protection Agency recognized Clear Skies Unlimited for its dedication to excellence in achieving clean air. After considering hundreds of potential candidates, the award went to Clear Skies Unlimited based on the projected impact that the HearthCAT Technology will have on future wood burning fireplace emissions nationwide. The HearthCAT technology can be used in new construction or fireplace retrofits, and in both open hearth masonry and low mass fireplaces. There are 27 million fireplaces in America, more than twice the number of wood and pellet stoves and inserts. More information.

June 2010

Guntamatic Therm 7 kW
This pellet boiler by the Austrian manufacturer Guntamatic is one of the few in its category that can be mounted on a wall. Moreover, Guntamatic reports 94% efficiency(LHV) and less than 10 mg/MJ (0.02326 lbs/ million BTU) emissions, which by American standards qualifies it as "next generation" technology. the The appliance delivers 2-7 kW (between 6828 and 23900 BTU/hr) and is ideal for a small home or apartment. The Guntamatic recently was awarded a "EnergieGenie2010" award by the Austrian Ministry of Environment and the government of the Austrian province of Upper Austria for its outstanding performance and innovation. More information.

March 2010

Earth's Flame Fire Grate
The winner of this year's VESTA Green Product Award, the Earth's Flame fireplace grate makes conventional fireplaces much cleaner. Designed to fit into existing masonry and zero clearance fireplaces, Earth's Flame uses an angled refractory panel and pre-heated secondary combustion air to achieve up to 72% reductions in particulate emissions from fireplaces. The award was given based on emissions, and doesn't imply that fireplaces with the Earth's Flame grate are any better at heating a home than conventional fireplaces. The refractory plate is held above the combustion zone of a traditional fireplace, keeping combustion gases and particulate matter in the hottest zone longer for more complete combustion of potentially harmful pollutants. The plate also increases the turbulence of combustion gases, mixing them more completely with pre-heated air and burning the suspended particulates more completely before gas leaves to the chimney. The resulting fire's emissions are 33% below EPA Phase 2 voluntary standards for a 36" zero clearance fireplace. The grate is not yet available for purchase, but if you are interested, you can sign up at the producer's website to be notified when it enters the market. More information.

November 2009

Froling P4 Pellet Boiler
The Froling pellet boiler is a modern high-technology appliance that features a bulk delivery system with a built-in automatic feed device to deliver pellets. Built by one of Austria's top furnace manufacturers, it boasts efficiency in excess of 90%(LHV) and ensures optimal fuel to air ratios and the highest operating safety. The boiler has an integrated silencer for quiet operation and can automatically remove ash using a heat exchange cleaning system - keeping combustion clean and emissions low. Pellets need to be refilled approximately twice a week. More information.
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