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Updated: October 2020
Boiler rebate
Maine offers a rebate of 1/3 of project costs up to $6,000 to install an advanced wood or pellet boiler. Eligible units must be on Efficiency Maine’s list of rebate-eligible biomass boilers and furnaces.

Residential units can have 1 to 4 units and building must be the principal, year-round residence for occupants, NOT a seasonal, second, or vacation home/rental. Boiler must be installed in primary living area, not a garage or outbuilding.

Stove rebate
The Maine stove incentive program run by Efficiency Maine ended in December of 2018 but it may come back in 2019. The program provided a $500 rebate for pellet and wood stoves that were 75% efficiency or higher, but the efficiency had to be listed on the EPA list of certified stoves. In 2017, the program only provided 100 rebates but due to more aggressive outreach, they provided 700 rebates in the first half of 2018. Of those, two thirds of the rebates went to pellet stoves.
Maine state capitol

If you believe this was an important program, please contact Efficiency Maine to encourage them to reinstate it.

Tax-Credits & Incentives
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