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Updated: January 2019
The Maryland Energy Administration provides ongoing rebates for wood and pellet stoves. Rebates are $500 for wood stoves that emit 3 grams an hour less and $700 for pellet stoves that emit 2 grams an hour less. Only residents who heat with electricity, oil or propane (or wood) are eligible as a way of focusing rebates for wood and pellet heating in rural areas and for families with higher heating costs. For more information see the MEA webpage and the Alliance Q & A.
Financial Incentive: Rebate Program
Type: Residential
Incentive amount: Wood burning stove: $250 or $500 with EPA efficiency listing
Pellet burning stove: $350 or $700 with EPA efficiency list
  • Equipment Requirements: Wood Burning Stoves must be EPA Certified Wood Stoves and emit no more than 3 grams of particulate matter (PM)/hr.
  • Pellet Burning Stoves must meet Washington Emission Standards and emit no more than 2 grams of particulate matter PM/hr.
  • Installation requirements: Must replace an existing electric or non-natural gas fossil fueled heating systems in a primary residence.
  • Basic requirements for grant funding include:
    • The property must serve as primary residence
    • Clean burning wood stove must replace existing electric or non-natural gas fossil fuel heating system
    • A property may not receive more than one grant per technology per fiscal year from MEA
    • The MEA cannot offer grants to a property held in a trust
    • Applications have to be submitted to MEA within 12 months of installation*
Contact Info: Maryland Energy Administration
60 West Street, 3rd Floor, Annapolis, MD 21401
Phone: (800) 723-6374
Maryland provides a minor state-level incentive with the Wood Heating Fuel Exemption. All wood or "refuse derived" heating fuel for residential use is exempt from state sales tax. Maine state capitol
Tax-Credits & Incentives
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