Tax-Credits & Incentives

States - New Hampshire

1. Property Tax Exemption. For many years, New Hampshire has had a relatively obscure and little used local incentive program. The Local Option Property Tax Exemption allows cities and towns to provide property tax exemptions in the amount of the assessed value of a renewable-energy system used on the property on renewable systems, including wood-fired central heating systems. There were 77 cities and towns offering renewable energy incentives as of 2008 and 28 of those included wood burning systems. New Hampshire state capitol

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2. Boiler Rebate. As of June 2010, NH announced and was in process of finalized details of a 30% rebate up to $6,000 for automated, bulk-fed pellet boilers systems. While common in Europe, this will be the first incentive program in America aimed at automated, bulk fed pellet boilers. New Hampshire currently gives up to $6,000 for residential wind and solar systems.

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3. Reduced electric heat rates for wood stove owners. NH may be the only state in the union that will give households that heat with electricity a significant reduction n electricity rates if the home has back-up wood heat. The HEATSMART Program provides qualifying residential and small business customers with a discounted kilowatt-hour rate for their separately metered electric space heating (and cooling if using a heat pump) and electric water heating. To qualify, customers must have permanently installed electric heat (such as electric resistance baseboard, electric radiant heating, electric boiler, electric air source heat pump, or a geothermal/ground source heat pump) and an approved permanently installed backup heating source.

Tax-Credits & Incentives
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