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Updated: October 2020

Pellet Boiler

Financial Incentive: Rebate
Type: Residential
Incentive amount: $6,000
Summary: Equipment must be installed by an Efficiency Excellence Network HVAC–Central Wood Pellet Heating Systems contractor. No self-installations allowed.
  • Rebates are for new, high-efficiency wood pellet furnaces and boilers installed as primary central heating systems in commercial spaces up to 5000 sq ft. For larger spaces, please contact us to enroll in the Custom Advanced Wood Heat program.
  • Systems must be pellet-only and must be classified as indoor systems and installed inside.
  • System must include:
    • Fuel storage capacity of at least one ton;
    • Automated fuel feed from a bulk storage container/area to the burn chamber in an integrated path; and
    • Automated on/off fuel feed control based on a demand for heat.
  • For qualifying models, please see
  • New construction not eligible for use with this form. Please contact Efficiency Vermont to enroll in the New Construction program.
Contact Info: Phone: 1-888-921-5990

Vermont state capitol Pellet stove rebate

Vermont is one of the first states to have a stand-alone pellet rebate program that provides $650 to purchaser an eligible pellet stove, $750 to replace a certified wood stove and $1,000 to replace a uncertified wood stove. Eligible pellet stoves must emit no more than 2 grams of particulates per hour and be listed by the EPA as 70% efficient or higher. .

Tax-Credits & Incentives
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