An expert panel of 10 Judges will test the competition stoves. The Judges include representatives from some of the Partner and Supporter Institutions as well as wood stove, technology, and air quality experts, combustion engineers, and consumer advocates.

The Judges score 5 categories on a scale from 1 to 10. The team with the most points wins!

Innovation Simplicity, Complexity, New Ideas, Old Ideas Implemented or Combined in New Ways __ / 10
Market Appeal Appeal to Consumer, Ease of Use, Aesthetics. For example, helping the consumer burn cleaner, better maintenance of the stove or chimney, adjustable controls. __ / 10
Affordability Objective third party expert cost estimator will assess the cost of the materials and components of the stove. R&D, labor, and other costs will not be evaluated __ / 10
Emissions Objective third party expert on testing emissions. Judges score based on the data provided by the expert. __ / 10
Efficiency Objective third party expert on testing efficiency. Judges score based on the data provided by the expert __ / 10
Total __ / 50

Grand Prize Winner: $25,000 and a cover feature in Popular Mechanics' magazine.

2nd Place Winners: Will split a $10,000 pot and be featured in Popular Mechanics. These prizes will be awarded based primarily on one of the 5 score categories.

You Be The Judge

Popular Mechanics has created a poll where you, the people, can decide which stove you like the best. Click here to vote!

Wood Stove Decathlon