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No state-wide regulations on wood or pellet stoves that we are aware of at the moment. Check with your local authority on building codes to be sure.


Financial Incentive: Property Tax
Type: Residential
For: Biomass
Incentive Amount: 100% for 10 years 

Summary: Montana's property tax exemption for recognized non-fossil forms of energy generation and low emission wood or biomass combustion devices may be claimed for 10 years after installation of the property. The exemption is allowed for up to $20,000 in value for single-family residential dwellings and up to $100,000 in value for multi-family residential dwellings or non-residential structures. This property is class 4 property and otherwise would be taxed on 2.54% of assessed value in tax year 2013 and 2.47% in tax years after 2013.

Contact Information

Montana Department of Revenue

Phone: (406) 444-6900




Previous Incentive Information: Montana used to provide a state-wide tax credit for purchasing a premium efficiency stove. Through the now repealed Alternative Energy Systems credit, property owners installing a wood or biomass combustion device in a primary home to qualify. The state tax credit does not exceed $500 for an individual, but couples who co-own their home may each claim, for a total maximum of $1,000.

Updated: February 2024


Change-out Programs

Wood Stove Change-Out Program | Butte-Silver Bow


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