Antique Wood Stove Collections and Museums

Antique wood stoves are not just collectibles. Many are still in operation and we can still learn a lot about efficiency and emissions from some of these old designs. Aside from the impressive artistry, wood stoves from the beginning of the 1900s have incredibly varied technologies and features. As other heating methods became more popular in the 1960s and 1970s, wood stove technology regressed to only a few basic model styles.

There are a number of outstanding antique collections of wood stoves in America, most of which also restore and/or sell stoves. Several of the six listed below have web presences where you can see their collections. All appear to welcome visits by the public and wood stove enthusiasts. If you know of any that we are missing, please let us know at

1. Antique Stoves
410 Fleming Rd.,
Tekonsha, Michigan 49092
(517) 278-2214
photos courtesy of Good Time Stove Company
2. Antique Stove Hospital
469 Long Highway
Little Compton, Rhode Island 02837

�Wood and coal stoves returned to day one condition. All stoves are totally disassembled, cleaned, parts welded or replaced as needed, caulked, reassembled, painted, new grates installed and nickel replaced. Our stoves are rebuilt one at a time from good original stoves and guaranteed to operate as they were designed. Kitchen ranges and parlor stoves are available. We carry 1850 to 1930 stoves of these types.�

photos courtesy of Good Time Stove Company

3. Bryant Stove Museum
27 Stovepipe Alley
Thorndike Maine 04986
(207) 568-3665

�Our Museum is open year round. If you come in the summer though, Joe Bryant, owner of the collection, will be available to lookers to explain the items and will even sing to you at his player piano. The Collection contains antique stoves, antique cars, player pianos, music boxes and more. Groups are welcome. Call ahead to set up a time.�
photos courtesy of Good Time Stove Company

4. Buck�s Stove Palace
6803 SE Foster Rd.
Portland, OR 97206
Call (503) 771-3374

�Our collection of Antique Heaters and Cookstoves is the largest on the West Coast, numbering over 400. We carry many parts for stoves such as Cawley/LeMay, Vermont Iron Elm, Monarch, Bridge Beach and Round Oak. We are also setting up a Stove Museum. We are looking for advertizing and unique stoves for this project. We refurbish and restore stoves for customers and our own for resale. We also sell the only remaining new, efficient cookstoves made. Happily Serving the General Public Since 1975.�
photos courtesy of Good Time Stove Company

5. Good Time Stove Company
PO Box 306
Goshen, MA 01032-0306

�A Family Business & Blog Selling the World's Finest Restored Antique Stoves Since 1973. We host an extensive collection of ORIGINAL ANTIQUE heating stoves and kitchen ranges circa 1840-1930. Good Time Stove Company preserves the legacy of the heating stove and kitchen range that has proudly signified the heart of the American home for over two centuries. There are many styles and variations available.�
photos courtesy of Good Time Stove Company

6.Woodman's Forge & Stove Museum
P.O. Box 186
587 Pine River Pond Road
East Wakefield, NH 03830
(603) 522-8216

�Woodman's Parts Plus also has a stove museum that is featuring the energy crisis. Many Stove Dealer's have donated to the museum to make the expansion possible, below are pictures of just some of the stoves in Woodman's Parts Plus stove museum.
�This is a family run business located in East Wakefield, New Hampshire. The business was established in 1977 in the home of the current owner Jim Tully. Over the years Woodman's Part Plus has been growing. Not only does Woodman's Parts Plus have Replacement Stove Parts, but we also have a retail store, Woodman's Forge & Fireplace. If you are in the area, stop by and visit us.

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