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Your comment in your newsletter that "Low and middle-income rural Americans are the real leaders of the renewable energy movement by creating and using far more renewable energy than anyone else" is just wonderful. It is a point almost always missed in discussions of wood heating and renewables. I applaud you for raising it in a forthright way. It is a message that should be heard.

John Gulland
The Wood Heat Organization Inc.
Montreal, Canada

We would love to tap your knowledge and expertise [on renewable energy loan funds] to help us develop intelligent guidelines for biomass appliances. Let's set up a time to talk.

Ken Hejmanowski
Renewable Funding, LLC
Oakland, CA

I'm very interested in what you are doing. Up here wood is the main source of heating for many/most working class and some middle class homes. Wood makes the best sense but there is little organization behind it. Good luck! Local energy generation = the future.

Julie Berriault
Sheffield, Massachusetts

Your research was extremely helpful. I have to rely on dedicated citizens such as you. We will get to the [pellet stove rebate] program hopefully late summer or early fall.

Emil King
D. C. Office of Policy and Sustainability
Washington, DC

Thanks for the quick reply, feedback, and insight. Much appreciated. As we develop this [bulk pellet fuel incentive] program I will definitely keep your points in mind, as social justice issues are important to me personally, too and I very much appreciate/respect your expertise in this area. I would like to follow-up with you, even just for a phone call.

Laura Richardson
ARRA Coordinator for SEP
NH Office of Energy and Planning

Great focused cause with an actionable and measurable mission.

Bob G.
New Hampshire

We are too rural to have any natural gas hookups out here so everything is pretty much electric. We do everything we can to keep the wood stove going 24/7 during the winter to avoid ever having to have the electric system kick in. We have friends and neighbors that have so many naturally falling trees per year that they invite folks to come harvest the wood. So... I fully believe in natural wood heat. Glad to see someone is out there educating the general public.

Nicole Rowell,
Plymouth, California

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