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USDA Funded Research


In 2011, the Alliance for Green Heat created a "Toolkit for Incentivizing Renewable, Residential Heat" for policy makers and the renewable energy community. This year-long project, partially funded by the Wood Education and Resource Center, involved intensive stakeholder consultations with industry, non-profits and government. A primary goal was to explore how to increase the ability of Americans of all socio-economic groups to use wood heat and reduce reliance on fossil fuels. The report was written by John Ackerly and Tatiana Butler of the Alliance for Green Heat with the assistance of the Wood Heat Task Force. To read the toolkit, click here.

Task Force on Wood Heat Incentives

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The Confusing Array of Biomass Emissions Graphs

Tatiana Butler AFGH, November 10, 2010

Unfortunately there is a shortage of clear, relevant and unbiased graphics comparing different biomass devices to each other and to other heating appliances. The Alliance for Green Heat has addressed this issue by creating a chart clearly comparing the different varieties of biomass appliances. In addition we also created a chart for discussion and review comparing the very cleanest wood and pellet stoves to oil boiler. Click here for full article.

California Air Districts: A Case Study in Wood Burning Regulations,

Tatiana Butler AFGH, November 10, 2010

California has become an excellent case-study for the different approaches to wood heat policy. In this article we dissect the various laws and their permutations throughout California and highlight some of the most effective and environmentally friendly legislation. Click here for full article.

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