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Funding for the Alliance for Green Heat

The Alliance is a non-profit organization funded through donations and grants. We are incorporated in Maryland, approved by the IRS as a 501c3 organization and annually make public all of our funding sources. Since our founding in 2009, about half of our income has come from state and federal government grants, about 35% from private foundations, 12% from individuals and 3% from industry. The list of all of donors is below.

We believe in transparency of funding because a group's funding sources can have a bearing on its positions and work. As an independent non-profit, we do not accept advertisements, nor do we accept donations in return for promoting any particular product. The 2016 pie chart shows a typical breakdown of our income for many years.

2009 Revenue: $38,039
2010 Revenue: $57,153
2011 Revenue: $99,511
2012 Revenue: $64,595
2013 Revenue: $148,180
2014 Revenue: $116, 830
2015 Revenue: $159,093
2016 Revenue: $180,450
2017 Revenue: $88,169
2018 Revenue: $157,836
2019 Revenue: $155,812
2020 Revenue: $63,485
2021 Revenue: $62,356
2022 Revenue: $359,092

2023 Revenue: $1,242,394

You can find copies of our IRS 990 tax filings here, along with every other non-profit organization. Our most recent 990 can be found here.

We want to extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who has enabled the Alliance to promote cleaner and more efficient wood heat in America. Thank you! 

To make a tax-deductible donation, click here.

Donors as of March 2022
(combined, since 2009)

$250,000 or more
Osprey Foundation

$100,000 or more
Department of Energy, Bioenergy Technology Office
New York State Energy Research & Development Authority

$50,000 or more
Wood Energy Research Center, US Forest Service

$25,000 or more
William & Frances Ackerly
Arbolito Foundation
Tina Egan
West Penn Power Sustainable Energy Fund

$10,000 or more
Metropolitan Washington Council on Governments
Urban Forestry Administration, DC Department of Transportation
Jim and Patty Rouse Foundation
US Forest Service, USDA

$5,000 or more
Family Alliance Foundation
Ramsay Merriam Fund
Tina Egan
Nina Smith & John Ackerly
Victoria Sujata

$1,000 or more
April Bodman
Allegany Society of American Foresters
American Wood Fiber
Aprovecho Research Center
Blaze King Industries
Catalytic Hearth Coalition
Chimney Safety Institute of America
David Christy & Shari Friedman
JD Doliner
Ann Down
Theresa Ferero
David Chapman & Hollis Hope
Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves
Bob Palais
Phil Hopke
Sat Jiwan Ikle-Kalsa
Kim Kaston
Fred Kirkpatrick
Maryland Wood Energy Coalition
Masonry Heater Association of North America
National Fireplace Institute
Nick Salafsky & Julie Segre
Institute for Sustainable Environment, Clarkson University
Schott Robax
Takoma Foundation
Tad Welch & Ali Schultheis

$500 or more
Algienne Amrita
Biomass Thermal Energy Council
Dan Conable
Curran Renewable Energy
Laird & Liz Egan
Lawrence Farrelly
Bob Green
Innovative Natural Resources Solutions
Jon Kahn & Karen-Sue Taussig
Ben Larson
Maryland Forestry Boards Foundation Inc.
John Meeker
Pellet Fuels Institute
Bill & Cathy Smock

$250 or more
Spaff Ackerly
David Atkins
Lisa Buttner
Stephen Faehner
Sarah Goodman & David Hyerle
Dan Friehoffer
Jonathan Kays
Blake Kerr
Mac McCoy & Polly Byers
New York Farm Viability Institute
Charlie Nieblling
Mitch Pacelle
Bruce Rich
Rocky Mountain Pellet Company, Inc.
Louis Spitzer and Gillian Caldwell
Tad & Wanda Wysor

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