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 Future and Past Webinars

Past Webinars

AGH + Northern Forest Center Webinar: The Carbon Account of Modern Wood Heat | January 17, 2024
Link to Recording: Click Here

Description: This webinar features three researchers in a discussion on the climate impacts of modern wood heat, from the forest to the flame.


Dr. Alexandra Kosiba, Extension Assistant Professor of Forestry, University of Vermont
Dr. Robert Malmsheimer, Distinguished Teaching Professor of Forest Policy and Law, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
Dr. Thomas Buchholz, Senior Scientist, Spatial Informatics Group

Starting a Firewood Bank? | October 5, 2023
Link to Recording: Click Here

Description: This webinar on October 5, 2023 featured Dr. Jessica Leahy of the University of Maine School of Forest Resources describing her research along with student Sabrina Vivian into firewood banks and the various considerations necessary to start one. John Ackerly and Darian Dyer of Alliance for Green Heat describe the application process for the federal wood bank financial assistance grants that will fund existing and start-up firewood banks.


AGH Webinar: State Clean Heat Standards and Pellet/Chip Heating | November 9, 2023
Link to Recording: Click Here

Description: Most states now have standards designed to gradually grow the amount of renewable electricity on their grids. Now, states are looking to do the same for heat, through clean heat standards (CHS). A CHS is a performance standard, requiring heat providers to deliver a gradually-increasing percentage of low-emission heating services to customers. Vermont was the first state in the nation to adopt one, and now Massachusetts is working on one. These experts will discuss how they work, how wood, pellet and chip heating systems may best fit in, and unique equity challenges CHS pose for lower income households.


Jared Duval, Executive Director of Energy Action Network

Chris Egan, Executive Director of Massachusetts Forest Alliance

Lilith Guzman, Fellow at Alliance for Green Heat

3 States CHS Webinar Graphic (no link) edit.png

Pellet Heating in the Age of Heat Pumps | September 14, 2023
Link to Recording: Click Here
Description: The electrification of home heating is now a major goal of scores of agencies and institutions as the best and most affordable way to decarbonize heating. Pellet heating is also a low-carbon pathway and affordable to many homes that heat with propane, oil or electric resistance heat.

This webinar explored how various experts think the heat pump boom will impact pellet heating, taking into account the potential price of electricity, the need and benefits of non-electric heat, consumer preferences, etc. and what major factors we should be considering.

Frank Kvietok, Senior Director of Innovation at Lignetics
Scott Williamson, Head of Technical Support, Stove and Grill
Adam Sherman, Senior Consultant, VEIC
Darian Dyer, Policy Analyst, Alliance for Green Heat (replacement for Christiane Egger, Deputy Manager, OÖ Energiesparverband)
Karen Harman-Smeltz, Director of Channel Marketing for Forge & Flame, Hearth & Home Technologies.

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