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Staff, Consultants, Fellows and Interns


President John oversees the group's policies and programs and partnerships with other stakeholders in the residential renewable energy and energy efficiency community. He has 25 years of experience in advocacy and non-profit management with the International Campaign for Tibet, Public Citizen and the Center for Constitutional Rights. He earned a BA from Dartmouth College and a JD at the Washington College of Law and practiced civil rights law with a firm in Mississippi. John serves on several boards of directors, including the Biomass Thermal Energy Council and the Advisory Board of the Maryland Clean Energy Center. He is a certified by the National Fireplace Institute as a pellet stove technician. He lives in Maryland and heats his home with 2 cords of very dry wood.

Darian joined AGH in January 2023 as an energy policy analyst, focusing on equity issues in residential wood heating and electrification in our current energy transition. She majored in Environmental Studies at Hendrix College in Arkansas and completed her Masters of Science in Environmental Governance from the University of Freiburg in Germany in 2022. Her thesis examined judicial power in U.S. climate litigation. She has experience working with state government in Arkansas and with Seaside Sustainability, working on environmental education curriculum, Extended Producer Responsibility schemes, and an updated “bottle bill” in Massachusetts. At AGH, she combines her southern rural experience to advocate for energy justice in electrification, weatherization and wood heat regulations. Despite her travels and education abroad, she calls Arkansas home.


Murali Krist handles IT issues and is building out the website, producing e-newletters and troubleshooting. He has finished his Master's Degree in Information Technology from University of Northern Virginia, VA. He has extensive experience in web applications and software development.

Pam Porter, Grants Manager

Pam serves as Grants Manager for the new AGH’s Firewood Bank program. She has more than 30 years of experience spearheading state, regional and national policy environmental initiatives and has managed 31 grant-funded projects and programs. Previously she served as Policy Advisor for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and as Midwest Director for the Biomass Energy Resource Center. She is founder of P Squared Group, a natural climate solutions consultancy. Pam earned a master’s degree in Agronomy from the University of Wisconsin Madison, on the management of switchgrass, a native perennial grass. She heats her Madison, WI home with wood.

Hannah Headshot .jpeg

Hannah Stinson, Energy Equity Program Manager

Hannah joined AGH in May of 2024 as Energy Equity Program Manager. She aims to expand energy equity by supporting the network of woodbanks around the country to be proactive about wood fuel representation and inclusion, resourceful with available tools and funding opportunities, and empowered to supply communities with a vital resource for generations to come. Hannah holds bachelors degrees in Environmental Sustainability Studies and Geology from the University of Utah. Her background includes natural resource inventory and conservation. Hannah is a volunteer firefighter in rural Wyoming and believes in the power of community; very few things excite her like people helping people. Hannah was raised in a home heated by wood fuel and chooses the traditional heat source in her own home today.

Former Staff, Research Fellows and Interns

The Alliance for Green Heat's main strength is its people power. We have been blessed by many talented and dedicated young people. Many thanks to all former Staff, Research Fellows and Interns - Sammie Osley, Lilith Guzman, Caroline Solomon, Melissa Bollman, Anita Alexander, Tatiana Butler, Trevor Gionet, Tom de Haan, Amanda Hren, Maria Jensen, Elizabeth Klusinske, Keith Krosinsky, Claire Lucy, Caitlin Madera, Gabriella McConnel, Philip Mallari, Diana Peng, Hannah Platt, Nilanjana Saha, Bhavna Sakhrani, Ivana Sirovica, Lauren Sobecki, Louis Spitzer, Jordan Townsend, Ada Undieh!

Ken Adler photo2.jpg
Ken Adler,
University of CA - Berkley
Tatiana Butler,
Amherst College
Tom de Haan,
TechnischeUn, Berlin
Elizabeth Klusinske,
Univ. of Wisconsin
Claire Lucy,
Creighton Law School
Gabriella McConnel,
University of Arkansas
Hannah Platt,
Marietta College
Bhavna Sakhrani,
GW University
Screenshot (169).png
Caroline Solomon,
University of Georgia
Ada Undieh,
Princeton University
Anita Alexander,
University of MD
Trevor Gionet,
Univ. of Maine
Amanda Hren,
University of MD
Keith Krosinsky,
American Univ.
Caitlin Madera,
University of MD
Sammie Osley,
NC State University
Shoshana Rybeck
Lewis and Clark College
Ivana Sirovica
Cornell University
Louis Spitzer,
Univ. of Wisconsin
Olivia Wondu,
Knox College
Melissa c.jpg
Melissa Bollman,
Clark University
Lilith Guzman,
University of CA - Santa Cruz
Maria Jensen,
Lund Univ, Sweden
Jennifer Lessick,
George Washington University
Philip Mallari,
University of MD
Diana Peng,
University of MD
Nilanjana Saha,
Columbia Univ.
Lauren Sobecki,
Catholic University
Jordan Townsend,
Univ. of Wyoming
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