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No state-wide regulations on wood or pellet stoves that we are aware of at the moment. Check with your local authority on building codes to be sure.



Financial Incentive: Personal Tax Deduction
Type: Residential
For: Wood and pellet stoves
Incentive amount: 100%


Summary: This statute allows individual taxpayers a deduction for the purchase and installation of a wood-burning heating system. The deduction is equal to the total cost of purchase and installation for the conversion from gas or electricity to wood when the system is used as the primary energy source for heating a home. The deduction must be taken for the taxable year during which the conversion was completed. Note that this incentive is for the conversion of an existing system and not for the first-time installation of a wood-burning system.

Contact Information:

Alabama Revenue Department
50 Ribley St.
Montgomery AL, 36132
Phone: (334) 242-1170



Updated: February 2024

Change-out Programs

No wood stove change-out programs that we are aware of at the moment.

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