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No state-wide regulations on wood or pellet stoves that we are aware of at the moment. Check with your local authority on building codes to be sure.


Financial Incentive: Rebate
Type: Residential
For: Installing biomass boilers and furnaces 
Incentive Amount: ⅓ of the project, up to a $6,000 rebate


Maine offers a rebate of 1/3 of project costs up to $6,000 to install an advanced wood or pellet boiler. Eligible units must be on Efficiency Maine’s list of rebate-eligible biomass boilers and furnaces.

Stoves: The Maine stove incentive program run by Efficiency Maine ended in December of 2018. The program provided a $500 rebate for pellet and wood stoves that were 75% efficiency or higher, but the efficiency had to be listed on the EPA list of certified stoves. In 2017, the program only provided 100 rebates but due to more aggressive outreach, they provided 700 rebates in the first half of 2018. Of those, two thirds of the rebates went to pellet stoves. If you believe this was an important program, please contact Efficiency Maine to encourage them to reinstate it.

Contact Information:

Efficiency Maine

168 Capitol Street

Suite 1

Augusta, ME 04330-6856

Phone: 866-376-2463




Updated: February 2024


Change-out Programs

Wood Stove Change-Out Program | Cumberland County



Status: Inactive as of November 2023

Program Boundary Area: Cumberland County

Eligible fuels: Wood (uncertified) or hydronic heater -> wood (certified), pellet, gas, heat pump

Notable feature: Once applicants receive their voucher, they will have 30 days to enter into a purchase agreement with a participating retailer

Incentive Amounts

Vouchers are available based on the change-out criteria from $1,000 to $5,000. “$1,000 vouchers are offered for a new EPA certified woodstove, $1,500 if changing from a hydronic heater to an EPA certified woodstove; $2,000 for an EPA certified pellet, gas stoves or heat pump, if changing from woodstove or hydronic heater and $3,000 for income qualified participants (income qualified vouchers may use the voucher for EPA certified wood, pellet, gas stoves or heat pump). A $4,000 voucher is available toward the replacement of an old hydronic heater with a new EPA Phase II hydronic heater or ENERGY STAR gas furnace or $5,000 for hydronic heater replacement if income qualified; $300 for the retrofit of an existing wood stove with a new catalyst.” Source.

Program Duration

The program is ongoing until funds are depleted. 


Applicants can apply for a voucher online or in-stores. Upon receiving their allotted voucher, the applicant has 30 days to establish a purchase agreement with a participating retailer. The retailer is responsible for installation and recycling and disabling the old stove.


Participants must be a resident and homeowner in Cumberland County, Maine. They must be currently using a non-EPA certified wood stove and trade it in for either an EPA certified wood stove or catalyst for a new EPA certified wood, pellet, gas stove or heat pump. Please review additional participant information here.

More Information

Please visit the program website or the applicant fact sheet or contact Jennifer Solomon at (516) 680-8927 or for more information.

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