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No state-wide regulations on wood or pellet stoves that we are aware of at the moment. Check with your local authority on building codes to be sure.


Financial Incentive: Rebate (NO LONGER ACTIVE)
Type: Residential
For: Wood and pellet stoves
Incentive Amount: $500 for wood stoves, $700 for pellet stoves


The Maryland Energy Administration used to provide rebates for wood and pellet stoves. Wood and pellet stoves had to have an efficiency listing of 75% or higher to be eligible for the rebate. The rebates were $500 for wood stoves and $700 for pellet stoves. Additional qualifications included securing a permit for the installation, based on county requirements, and professional installation or inspection.

If you believe this was an important program, please contact MEA to encourage them to reinstate it.

Contact Information:

Maryland Energy Administration


Phone: 410-537-4097



Updated: February 2024


Change-out Programs

No change-out programs for wood or pellet stoves that we are aware of at the moment. 

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