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Online Stove Change-out Resource Center

Last Updated: October, 2022


States and counties are increasingly looking to wood stove change-out programs to encourage people to give up old, polluting wood stoves for cleaner alternatives. In 2016, there were 35 stove change-out programs. The average incentive was about $900 to replace an old wood stove with a new one, $1,300 for a pellet stove, $1,500 for a natural gas stove, and $1,900 for a heat pump.


Trends in 2016 change-outs include more programs only allowing old wood stoves to be replaced by pellet, gas, or electric appliances; more bounty programs that pay for decommissioning both old and newer wood stoves; more programs requiring or considering lower particulate matter standards for eligible stoves; and increased documentation for stove retailers and program managers.

Stove change out programs are often compared to "cash-for-clunkers," the $3 billion program in 2009 to get older, more polluting cars off the road. That program became more controversial as program performance data was evaluated. Stove change-outs are also often criticized for not providing enough benefit per dollar invested.  This Online Stove Change-out Resource Center strives to help maximize benefits for local air quality, participating households, and manufacturers of cleaner, more efficient heating appliances.

Key parts of the Online Resource Center for Wood Stove Change-outs include:


This Resource Center is the most comprehensive summary of change-out programs in the US with details about their budgets, eligibility requirements, and innovative features. It is based on extensive research of each change-out program and interviews with scores of change-out managers, stove retailers, and experts. The Resource Center is an ongoing project that welcomes input and corrections from all stakeholders. Please send comments to

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