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(Studies and Reports)

Studies and Reports

We have not kept this page updated and it represents some of the resources that we deemed useful in 2011. We hope to update it but have decided to keep it here as some of these older resources are still valuable and represent a snapshot in time.


1. Where Wood Works: Strategies for Heating with Woody Biomass
US Forest Service and the Colorado Governor's Energy Office, 2007.

2. A Strategy for Increasing the Use of Woody Biomass for Energy
Innovative Natural Resource Solutions LLC, 2008.

3. Wood Energy in America
Daniel deB. Richter. Dylan H. Jenkins, John T. Karakash, Josiah Knight, Lew R. McCreery, Kasimir P. Nemestothy, 2009

4. Thermal Energy Uses of Woody Biomass
Rural Voices for Conservation Coalition, 2009

5. Heating the Northeast with Renewable Biomass: A Vision for 2025
BTEC, Alliance for Green Heat, MPFA, NYBEA and PFI, April 2010

Forestry & Sustainability

1. Policy Statement: Forest Biomass
The Forest Guild, 2010

2. Advancing Sustainable Forest Management in the U.S.
Pinchot Institute, 2006

3. Agriculture and Forestry in a Reduced Carbon Economy- Solutions from the Land
25 x '25 Carbon Work Group, 2009

4. Ensuring Forest Sustainability in the Development of Wood Biofuels and Bioenergy: Implications for Federal and State Policies
Bioenergy Outlook Forum, 2009

5. Northern Forest Biomass Energy Action Plan
Biomass Energy Resource Center, 2007

6. Sources and Uses of Wood For Energy
John I. Zerbe and Kenneth E. Skog. USDA- Forest Service, 2008

7. Biomass Retention and Harvesting Guidelines for the Northeast
Biomass Retention and Harvesting Guidelines

Pellet Stoves

1. North America's Wood Pellet Sector
Henry Spelter and Daniel Toth, USDA, 2009

2. Can Residential Biomass Pellet Stoves Meet a Significant Portion of Minnesota's Residential Heating Needs?
Adela Terroba, Carl Nelson, Nancy Kelly, The Green Institute, 2009

3. Wood Pellet Heating: A Reference on Wood Pellet Fuels & Technology for Small Commercial & Institutional Systems, 2007

Wood & Pellet Boilers

1. Controlling Emissions from Wood Boilers

2. NESCAUM Response to April 21, 2006 Letter of Philip H. Gitlen, on Behalf of Central Boiler, Inc. re: Assessment of Outdoor Wood-fired Boilers

3. Biomass Boiler & Furnace Emissions and Safety Regulations in the Northeast States
Mass. Dept. of Energy Resources, CONEG, Rick Handley and NESCAUM, June 2009

4. European Wood Heating Technology Survey
NYSERDA & BioEnergy2020+, April 2010

5. Outdoor Hydronic Heater Model Regulation

6. Petition for Rulemaking Regarding Outdoor Wood Boilers
Eliot Spitzer, New York Attorney General, 2005

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