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DC Area Firewood Sellers and Firewood Buying Tips

Updated: June, 2022


Firewood retailers are a mixed lot. Some are highly ethical and will give you a full, seasoned cord of hardwood as promised, but often, the wood is not as seasoned as its claimed to be. If you find someone you like, stick with them. The absolute best way to make sure you get seasoned firewood is to buy it a full year or two in advance, if you are buying hardwood. Softwoods can season quicker. To make sure its seasoned well once you by, make sure to stack it off the ground, under a roof, and ideally in the sun. Don’t stack rows tightly together, so that air can circulate. Seasoned wood is rarely available once the winter sets in unless you buy kiln dried wood.If you haven't bought firewood often, do some research first. The State of Maryland has a good resource page on firewood.

We recommend:

  1. Make sure you are home for delivery and inspect it in the truck before its dumped.

  2. Don't buy firewood from out of state, or from Prince George's or Charles counties to limit the spread of an invasive pest, the Emerald Ash Borer.

  3. Learn how to tell if wood is well-seasoned and consider buying a moisture meter.

  4. Learn how to estimate a cord or half cord of wood:

  5. Most species need a full year to dry once the wood has been split, stacked and covered. Buy "seasoned" wood cheaply in early spring and season it more yourself.

  6. Once delivered, stack it and keep it covered in a shed or porch. Covering with a tarp impedes air flow. Dry wood produces 20 – 40% more heat and less smoke.

To find a reputable firewood retailer, check with the Better Business Bureau ( first. Consumers Checkbook, gave high rating the following firewood suppliers that were reviewed by at least 5 customers:


Horizon Landscaping
1525 Spencerville Rd
Spencerville, MD 20868


Miller's Firewood
9900 Piscataway Rd
Clinton, MD 20735

Brandywine Firewood
Brandywine, MD 20613

Lone Cedar Farm
9015 Adelphi Rd
Adelphi, MD 20783

Seasons Nursery
8135 Snouffer School Rd
Gaithersburg, MD 20879


AAA Tree Service & Landscaping
5419 Oakwood Rd
Alexandria, VA 22310

Saunders Landscape Supply
Chantilly, VA 20153

Remington Mulch
8524 Lee Hwy
Fairfax, VA 22031

Merrifield Garden Center
6895 Wellington Rd
Gainesville, VA 20156

Oak Farm Inc
36450 Jeb Stuart Rd
Purcellville, VA

Not recommended

Mark Plows Firewood
4859 Ebbtide Court
Montclair, VA

Free firewood

Many tree services are happy to leave wood that they have cut in 18 inch lengths. Talk to any tree service you see working in your neighborhood. Sometimes they will deliver it if its only a bock or two away, or with the clients permission, they will often leave it on the curb. You have to split and dry it. You can rent log splitters for about $70 a day and split 2 – 3 cords in one day.

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