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Funding and Acknowledgements

Funding for stove testing and report
The testing of the six stoves and the writing of this report was funded primarily by grants from the Osprey Foundation and the US Forest Service. Smaller grants and donations were provided through the Alliance for Green Heat by the Jim & Patty Rouse Foundation, the Arbolito Foundation and others. Funding for other parts of the Pellet Stove Design Challenge comes primarily from the New York State Energy and Research Development Authority (NYSERDA). The Alliance does not receive any funding from wood or pellet stove manufacturers.


This report was primary written by John Ackerly and Gabriella McConnel, staff of the Alliance for Green Heat. Norbert Senf of the Masonry Heater Association provided extensive comments and expert analysis. Scott Williamson of Pellet Stove Service, based in Rehoboth MA, provided expert advice on stove installation, maintenance and trouble-shooting. Rod Tinnemore added context, common sense and caution. Tom Butcher, Rebecca Trojanowski, Mark Knaebe, Ray Albrecht and Professor Phil Hopke provided technical expertise. Jessica Peterson of Biomass Controls undertook testing for comparability and thermal images. Stephen Fotis and IlanGutherz of the law firm Van Ness Feldman provided legal advice. We are extremely thankful for all of your efforts.

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