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Logistics for Teams

  • ​Dates: Teams deliver their stoves to the tent on the National Mall on Wednesday, Nov. 7 or Thursday morning Nov. 8. Teams needing a forklift need to deliver stoves on the 7th. If you stove is being shipped to the warehouse first, it will be delivered to the tent on the morning on the 7th. Testing will begin on the Friday, Nov. 9 and the event will be open to the public on Friday afternoon, and Saturday the 10th through Tuesday the 13th. Teams remove their stoves on Wednesday, Nov. 14th.

  • Stove testing and operation: Automated stoves will be tested by our testing teams 3 times and thermoelectric stoves will be tested 2-3 times, depending on available time and equipment. During these tests, team members are not allowed to operate or touch their stoves. These tests are 3 hours long and we will provide you a tentative schedule of the days that your stove will be tested. When it is not being tested, you are free to run the stove so that visitors can see it operating. We will have a seperate firewood pile when you run the stoves yourself and it is your responsibility to run it properly so that it is not emitting visible smoke after the first 10 - 15 minutes of start-up. If your stove is emitting visible smoke after that, the judges have the right to shut down the stove.

  • Safety: safety is our top priority and only judges, testing technicians and team members are allowed behind the metal barriers that guard the stoves from the general public. All team members will be given badges and they must wear them at all times. A more detailed safety memo will be distributed to all teams.

  • Funding: AGH is reimbursing each team with for $10,000 for their expenses to design their stove and participate in the event. Once you spend funds or need to bill for time that you have spent, send invoice to Jennifer Lessick at We can process invoices between $2,000 and $10,000.

  • Scoring information: the automated stoves scoring criteria include the following in descending order of importance: Emissions, Automation, CO and Safety, Efficiency, Innovation, and Consumer Appeal. The scoring criteria for the thermoelectric stoves will also include all these categories but the biggest scoring criteria with be the thermoelectric assessment. More detailed scoring information has been and will be sent directly to the teams.

  • Hill Outreach: we will be sending you all a template of a letter to send to your respective congressmen and their staff inviting them to attend the competition. The letter will include personalized information about all of your stoves and teams.

  • One Page Operating Manual: Please work on your one-page operating manuals and feel free to send a draft in advance of the final. The testing crews need this to prepare for testing your stoves. The deadline for those manuals is Oct. 12. We also ask that you include pictures or diagrams in your manuals so the directions on loading and operating are very clear. Manuals for thermoelectric stoves should include expected power output.

  • Social Media/Press: please keep using your social media accounts to draw attention to the challenge and all of your projects. We will be hiring a media coordinator when we get closer to the challenge who will be able to assist you with this. Additionally, please let us know if you have contact with any local news media from your area as we would like to include them on our press releases. Here is the link to all of the blogs about your teams: Team Blogs

  • Posters and literature: Teams can distribute literature and display a poster about their stoves at the event. Literature and posters need to be educational and cannot contain “commercial notices or advertisements.” Thus, no prices or sales pitches can appear on any materials. Posters should be the standard 24 x 36 or smaller. You are responsible for bringing your own easel. Posters can include diagrams of the stove, or any other information about the stove, the niche it fills, and your goals. They will help visitors understand what you are trying to achieve and serve as a jumping off point for conversations with visitors.

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