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2014 Collaborative Stove Design Workshop

Click here to see who won the competition.

Click here to see test results and a photo essay from the Workshop.

The Collaborative Wood Stove Design Workshop to be held Nov. 4 - 7, 2014 is a gathering of stove professionals to study, test, and discuss automated wood stove designs. The Workshop will be held at Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York and will involve hands-on stove testing, daily review of test data, and a series of presentations by participants and other experts.

Seven stoves are part of the competition. The stoves are all automated to reduce operator error, use of unseasoned wood, and/or reduce start-up emissions. Most, but not all, use fans, thermocouples and/or oxygen sensors connected to a control board. Stove designers agreed to share test data obtained during the Workshop with other participants and allow participants to inspect their technology to learn how it works.

Three of the stoves are made in America, two from Europe, one a Chinese/American collaboration and one from New Zealand.



Due to space limitations, there is only room for 45 participants in addition to the Organizing Committee and technicians. The participant application period is now closed and we are a very impressive group of participants from industry, academia, non-profits and government agencies. Representatives are attending from Blaze King, Hearth & Home Technologies, Hearthstone, Masonry Heater Association, Myren Labs, Polytests Labs, Stove Builders International, Testo, Woodstock Soapstone along with officials from the EPA, Alaska, Massachusetts, New York, Washington, NESCAUM and Puget Sound Air agency.


 The Collaborative Stove Design Workshop is the second phase of the Wood Stove Design Challenge, following last year’s Wood Stove Decathlon on the National Mall in DC. Unlike the Decathlon, this Workshop is not open to the public and will be a collaborative learning event with some of the country's top stove specialists. It is partially modeled after an annual "Stove Camp" hosted by Aprovecho Research Center in Oregon, which uses an interdisciplinary approach to designing stoves that are often not patented, but open-sourced so that anyone can build them and improve upon them.

The Workshop is being sponsored by the Alliance for Green Heat and Brookhaven National Lab.

Primary funding comes from NYSERDA, the Osprey Foundation and the U.S. Forest Service.

Organizing Committee 
  1. John Ackerly, Alliance for Green Heat

  2. Ellen Burkhard, NYSERDA*

  3. Tom Butcher, Brookhaven National Lab*

  4. Prof. Phil Hopke, Clarkson University *

  5. Craig Issod, founder of

  6. Mark Knaebe, US Forest Service, USDA*

  7. Ben Myren, Myren Consulting, Inc.

  8. Rob Rizzo, Massachussets Dept. of Energy*

  9. Norbert Sent, Masonry Heater Association*

  10. Dean Still, Aprovecho Research Center

  11. Rod Tinnemore, Washington Dept. of Ecology*

  12. Rebecca Trojanowski, Brookhaven National Lab*

* The asterisk indicates that they are also a judge and will be part of the judging process to identify a winner or winners in the competition.

Updates about the Workshop will appear in our newsletter. For questions or suggestions, please contact us at

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