Overview and Results of Decathlon

The Wood Stove Decathlon culminated on the National Mall on November 19. Woodstock Soapstone's hybrid stove took the grand prize. Read here about why it won, and who won the other prizes.

An analysis of the rankings of the stoves in the five categories - efficiency, emissions, innovation, affordability and consumer appeal - can be found here:

For more details on testing and test equipment used during the Decathlon:

Contest Aims for a Cleaner-Burning Wood Stove
New York Times reporter Matt Wald covered the Wood Stove Decathlon: the competitors are "finding ways to get twice as much heat out of a log of firewood. The effort preserves woodlands, reduces the labor and expense ... and cleans the air."

Winning Wood Stove Designs Announced
A short, comprehensive National Geographic video of the event and the award ceremony. Interviews with John Ackerly of Alliance for Green Heat, Tom Butcher of Brookhaven National Lab, Tom Morrissey of Woodstock Soapstone and Taylor Myers of the University of Maryland team.

Wood Stove Decathlon 2013 in Photos

The initial press advisory - read here or download pdf
Press release on Congress and wood heating policy - Read here.
Statement by Congressman Michaud (D-ME) - Read here.
Common Q & A on Wood Heating - Read here

Info on Teams: Contact info & description of technology,

Background on The Wood Stove Decathlon

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