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Incentives & Regulations

States - California

Updated: October, 2020



California is unique as it has 35 Air Districts that make policy and very little is done at the state level. Thus, there are virtually no statewide tax-credits or incentives. California also struggles with some of the worst wood smoke problems in the nation, mostly a result of weather patterns that create inversions and trap pollutants. Thus, in California, there has been very little interest in incentives other than change out programs, and there are many local change out programs and many local restrictions on wood burning.

One notable incentive program is the California First program, that makes pellet stoves and inserts eligible for low-interst loans which are paid back on your property tax bill over a long period time. This is a "PACE" program that is growing in many states.

California is an excellent case-study for the different approaches to wood heat policy. In the 2011 article below, the Alliance for Green Heat dissected the various laws and their permutations throughout California and highlighted many of the efforts to reduce harmful wood smoke.
Click here for the full paper.


Selected Regulations

California Bay Area: Forbids installing fireplaces or stoves in new construction.

Marin County, California: Forbids use of non-certified appliances since July 2008 and forbids installation of non-certified stoves in new construction or remodels. Non-certified stoves must be removed upon a home's remodel.

San Joaquin Valley, California: Forbids sale and installation of non-certified stoves.

Town of Mammoth Lakes, California: Uncertified stoves prohibited from being installed in the town. No more than one EPA-certified wood stove can be installed in new single-family detached dwellings.

Lake Tahoe: Tahoe "enacted a Wood Heater Retrofit Program similar to those adopted by agencies in such cities as Mammoth Lakes, Telluride, Aspen, and Reno. TRPA’s program has been in effect since 1993. The program requires that all existing wood heaters, excluding legally-existing open fireplaces, comply with emission standards prior to any sale, transfer, or conveyance of any building."

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