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Incentives & Regulations

States - New York

Updated: June 2022


Financial Incentive:

Possible property tax and fuel tax exemptions. Rebate program for stoves and boilers is suspended.




Incentive amount:



Pellet stoves: $1,500 used to available for the purchase of a new pellet stove with recycling of an existing wood or pellet stove in a primary residence. Households with income less than 80% of county median may qualify for an incentive of $2,000 for the purchase of a new pellet stove in a primary residence and an additional $500 if an existing wood or pellet stove is recycled.

Residential boilers: Incentives used to be available for advanced cordwood boiler heating systems with full thermal storage for installations in the residential and small commercial sectors. The installation must include full thermal storage and must use eligible boilers. Incentives vary depending on system type. For advanced cordwood boilers with thermal storage, 25% of the installation costs (up to $7,000 per unit) is available, with an additional $5,000 for documented recycling of a previously installed and functioning outdoor or indoor wood boiler, or $2,500 for recycling an old wood furnace. For small wood pellet boilers with thermal storage, up to 45% of the installation costs (with price caps depending on heat efficiency) can be covered.

Property tax: The Energy Conservation Improvements Property Tax Incentive allows 100% of assessed added value to a property from the installation of an EPA-certified biomass fueled stove to be exempt from state property taxes.

Fuel tax exemption: Purchases of wood or pellets for residential heating are exempt from state sales tax.

Wood and pellet stoves

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