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Competition Stoves

1st Place: PELLWOOD by Wittus – Fire by Design
Team: Ingo Hartman, Jan Kossack, René Bindig, Niels Wittus, and Frank Werner

General Description: A Prototype Pellet Burner connected to a Downdraft Wood Log Stove (xeoos) with Catalyst and Controller System. The nominal power is between 4 and 10 kW with very low emissions and high efficiency. The user can choose between pellets and log wood as fuel.

r1 (1).png

2nd Place: Phoenix F25i by Seraph Industries
Team: Vance Hirst Sr., Vance Hirst Jr., Vance Hirst III

General Description: pellet fire place insert / stand alone unit


3rd Place: Torrefire by Torrefire Stoves
Team: Geoffrey Johnson and Jean Hoxter

General Description: radiant heat pellet stove

r3 (1).png

Demonstration Stoves

VibraStove by Noble Metals Recovery
Team: Stephen Spevak

General Description: Pellet gasifier, manual control, gravity fed, zero smoke.

r4 (1).jpg

Modified Quadra-Fire Classic Bay 1200 Pellet Stove by SUNY Buffalo
Team: Dr. Joseph Mollendorf, Dr. Paul Desjardin, Xinnan (Simon) Peng, Steven Widdis, Michael Kirschenheiter, Kyle Hinman, Michael Fitts, Kevan Darmawan, Kevin Daily

General Description: Model CB11200-MBK; We will be varying pellet feed and induction air flow to maximize efficiency and minimize emissions.

r5 (3).jpg
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