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Change-out Programs

(Lower Peninsula)

Updated March 11th, 2017

Lower Peninsula of Michigan Woodstove Changeout Program


Status: Active as of March 2017

Location:  Lower Peninsula

Eligible fuels: Wood (uncertified) or coal -> wood (certified); gas (energy efficient)

Notable feature(s): Participants receive a free moisture meter; requires installation by a state-certified professional

Incentive Amounts
The American Lung Association offers incentives for Lower Peninsula residents to replace a non-EPA certified wood or coal appliance with a new EPA certified wood stove or insert (up to $1,000), pellet stove or gas stove or insert (up to $2,000), EPA certified hydronic heater (up to $4,000), or Energy Efficient gas furnace or boiler (up to $4,000). Alternatively, participants can receive a $300 incentive to replace or retrofit a catalyst or a $400 incentive for an EPA Qualified fireplace retrofit device.

Program Duration
The program is ongoing.

Participants must select a participating Retailer, complete a Participant Application Form with the Retailer, and submit photos of their non-EPA certified wood appliance or coal appliance. Next, the installation of the new device should be completed by the Retailer (licensed contractor) and the old appliance should be disposed of by the Retailer. Participants are encouraged to learn best burning practices by reviewing the EPA’s Burnwise materials.    

This program is open to Lower Peninsula residents who regularly use a non-EPA certified wood burning appliance or coal appliance in a primary residence or frequently used non-residential building (church, school, greenhouse). Participants must surrender their old appliance to the participating Retailer for disposal. Participants must agree to have their new appliance installed by a pre-approved Retailer or professor Installer with a Michigan Mechanical Contractor’s License (no DIY installations allowed).

More Information
For more information, please visit contact the American Lung Association HelpLine at 1-800-LUNGUSA. Participating retailers should email Jocelyn Hayward at

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