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Change-out Programs

(Linn County)

Updated October, 2020

Wood Smoke Reduction Program

Cedar Rapids, IA

Status: Active on October, 2020

Location: Linn County, Iowa

Eligible fuels: gas, electric, uncertified wood

Notable features: Funding ends on February 15, 2021, or once all funds have been used.

Incentive Amounts
Linn County Public Health is offering incentives in order to improve air quality by removing and replacing old, non-certified wood appliances with cleaner burning, EPA- certified appliances ranging from $1,000 to $8,000 with an additional $250 for participants who are active duty or veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces or an active/retired first responder. This project is funded by a consent decree settlement between the U.S. EPA, the State of Iowa, the County of Linn, Iowa, the Sierra Club, and Interstate Power and Light.

Program Duration
Funds for this program are limited and scheduled to end by February 15, 2021 – or once all incentive funds have been awarded – whichever comes first.

Apply for the program by contacting an Approved Retailer listed at The Approved Retailer will begin the application process and schedule a home visit. Purchase and installment of the new appliance and removal of the old appliance must be done through a program approved retailer to qualify for incentive funds. Do-it-yourself installations are not allowed.

Eligible participants must be homeowners in the Alliant Energy gas and/or electric service area, use an uncertified wood-burning appliance as the primary or significant source of heat for the primary residence, and live in or within ¼ mile of an incorporated town or city in Linn County.

More Information
For more information, visit:

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